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4 Ways a Business Can Improve Their Delivery Service

If your company offers the service to deliver products right to your customer’s doorstep, it is essential your delivery service is efficient or this can cause a bad reputation for your whole business and even lose you customers. Working hard to improve your delivery service however, can increase business and bring in new customers. Here are 4 ways a business can improve their delivery service:

  • Outsource

Outsourcing deliveries to a delivery firm is usually the best option, as they are professional and trained specifically in this field so they will always be on time and get the job done. Transport companies in Sussex and across the country understand customer service and meeting the needs of the company.

  • GPS

Using a GPS system will not only help drivers not get lost, but it will also cut fuel costs, optimise routes for efficiency and prevent delays.

  • Communicate

Use texts or email alerts to communicate with the customer about the delivery status and the estimated time of arrival. Clients love to know exactly when their item will arrive so this is a great way to improve the service.

  • Customer Service

Any employees that will be communicating with a customer should be trained in customer service, including the driver and delivery person. Small gestures such as a smile, a greeting and manners are important when dealing with customers, even when it is simply a delivery. Make sure the driver looks clean, neat and is recognisable. The same goes for the vehicle, make sure it is clean and identifiable.

What Are The Benefits Of Designer Tiles?

Tiles are used in homes right across the UK and the world. Tiles offer so many great advantages when used that it can provide home owners with a way they can improve the value of their home greatly when tiled right. Whether it’s floor or wall tiles you need, designer tiles can offer many benefits when installed. Let’s take a look now at what those benefits are.


Easy Maintenance – These types of tiles are general easy to maintain. They’re able to provide an easy to clean surface area and can reduce the risk of water damage when installed.


Versatile – These types of tiles are also very versatile in design. They can be installed in the bathroom, kitchen or laundry and can provide easy installation for anyone who is looking to install them.


Colourful – Depending on the type of designer tiles that you need, they also come available in many different colours to choose from. Their colourful design promotes new styles which can really highlight your home perfectly. You can mix and match tiles to make them work to your own colour palette and interior design ideas.


Durable – Designer tiles are also durable in design. They’re made with high quality material which promotes exceptional use in any area. They’re perfect for long term installations and are great for areas where high traffic exists.


When it comes to designer tiles there’s so many different benefits you can receive. Whether you’re looking for a decorative touch or something that will last, designer tiles can offer it all.

Best Ways To Spruce Up An Old Bathroom

Bathrooms are a key point of a home and can be a big investment when it comes to renovating them. When you renovate your bathroom, your home instantly becomes more profitable for you. However, what happens if you can’t afford to complete a large bathrooms Guilford renovation? It’s no trouble, you can still upgrade your bathroom to easily create a fabulous look without having to spend tens of thousands of dollars. Let’s take a look now.

Renew The Mirror

Renewing an old mirror is a great way to really enhance the look of a bathroom. By getting a new mirror and replacing the old one you have the potential to really highlight your bathroom and bring more light to the room with increased reflection.

New Light Fixture

Another thing you can do to bring new life to a tired bathroom is adding a beautiful light fixture. Choosing one that’s seamless with your ceiling is perfect for generating a nice look. Alternatively, you could have a waterproof chandelier like bathroom feature which can make the room sparkle when the light is turned on.

Add A Fake Plant

Believe it or not a fake plant can also help to spruce up an old bathroom. There’s something about the greenery of a fake plant that really helps to bring a freshness to a room. This is perfect for those who may want to improve the look of their bathroom.


Upgrading the look of your bathroom is easy. By simply changing a few small things you can really bring out the best of your bathroom. So are you ready to make some changes?




The Pros Of A Digital Media Agency

A digital media agency is capable of providing a great deal of benefits when used in the business world. These types of agencies have the ability to improve the overall marketing of a business to better bring in more customers for more profits. For those who are considering a digital media agency, but are unsure as to whether they will be of help, here’s a guide to the benefits of using one.

  1. Multiple Services – the first benefit of using a digital media agency is that they provide a number of different services. Most digital media companies have the ability to improve other website’s rankings and exposure. They usually offer services such as website design, SEO, PPC and more that can be of help to many businesses.
  2. Cost Effective – These digital agencies are also cost effective because they can handle all your marketing needs in the one place. This is great for those who have trouble keeping track of all their individual marketing sources.
  3. Online Marketing – these agencies can also provide you with professional online marketing that’s great for your business to gain exposure online. This is perfect for anyone who is considering building an online presence for a wider customer base.

When it comes to different digital media agencies, there’s so many different benefits that you can receive when you hire one. As you can see above there’s a few benefits that will get you started when improving your business marketing. So, are you ready to improve your marketing efforts?



Why You Should Invest In An IT Services Company?

IT services companies are used across the world to help better manage business IT needs. When a company has problems in their IT system, more times than enough an IT services company is called. If you’re not already invested in an IT company, then here are just some of the reasons why you should invest and hire an IT company for all your IT needs.

  1. Disaster Recovery

The first thing that you will gain the benefits of is their ability to handle your system when a disaster occurs. IT support companies are capable of providing disaster recovery services that can easily bring back any data that may have been lost during the problem.

  1. Increased Service Levels

The next thing you’ll gain is increased service levels. IT support companies are capable of providing a high level of performance and services that are able to help keep your system fully operational. Some offer 24/7 support which is highly beneficial to your needs.

  1. Environmentally Friendly

Due to the centralising of the different business systems, you’ll find that IT companies can save more power and offer a lower carbon footprint because they can do everything on a virtual platform. This platform helps to also save you cost than having to have someone sent out.


When it comes to IT services, there’s so many different things that should be considered before hiring one, and that is the benefits. So, are you ready to hire your IT support services?

What Is A Digital Media Agency?

A digital media agency is used by a number of businesses on a daily basis to help improve their business’s overall exposure and marketing to their customers. If you’re new to the business world and you’re interested in hiring a digital media agency. Here’s a guide as to what it is, and how it will benefit you.

What Is A Media Agency?

A media agency is a company that advises different companies about where and how they can advertise. They also help a business to work out how to present themselves so they can create a positive picture in the public eye. Generally, a digital media agency will offer services which include public relations, advertising.

Media agencies help to make sure a business’s message is appealing to their customers and appears within the right marketing space so that consumers will see it and will buy more from the company.

What Other Services Can They Provide?

Digital media agencies are also skilled in providing a number of other services which include but aren’t limited to PPC, SEO, social media marketing, online reputation management, programmatic media, and display media planning and buying.


Digital media agencies can offer businesses with a number of different services that are suitable for a large number of applications. Whether you want to improve your sales and conversions, or you just want a business facelift, a digital media agency can help you do just this. So, are you ready to hire a digital media agency?

Top Tips For Refurbishing Your Old Office

When it comes to an office refurbishment and renovation, there’s a lot to consider. By taking the time to work out the best way to complete your office refurbishment or renovation you’ll be able to successfully complete it in time. Here’s some tips that you can choose when it comes to refurbishing and renovating your old office.

  1. Choose A Professional Company – It’s a good idea to choose commercial contractors Hertfordshire to ensure the job gets done properly and in time. Without hiring a professional company to do the job for you, your office may take longer to finish than expected.
  2. Furniture – When choosing the new furniture for your business, it’s important that you take the time to work out furniture that’s going to benefit your business and your customers and clients. Test and choose the chairs as this will help you to determine the comfort level of them. Also choose a desk that’s stylish and that has enough room for your receptionist to work easily with enough space.
  3. Flooring – Flooring can be a number of things. However, choosing the right flooring can make your business office stand out. Carpets are great for those who want to add a nice warm effect within the office. Tiles are good for those who may be susceptible to mess such as doctor’s surgery and is also great for adding a very professional finish.


When it comes to refurbishing and renovating your old office, as you can see there’s a few things that you can consider. By taking the time to work on these tips you’ll be able to complete a successful renovation. So are you renovating your office soon?

How To Choose A Tile Supplier

Tile stores in the UK can offer so many different types of tiles. From gloss tiles to matte tiles and everything in between, tile stores are great places to visit to see an extensive range of tiles. However, with so many different businesses offering tiles, how do you know which one to choose? Here’s a guide on how to choose a tile supplier for your individual tiling needs.

  1. Tiles They Offer – One of the first thing to consider is the tiles they offer. Tile stores should have a large range of tiles to choose from. From mosaics, stones, to patterned tiles, you should be able to find everything you need. If they don’t have a large range it might be a good idea to check other stores so you see every possibility on offer.
  2. Prices – The prices of tiles vary depending on the types of tiles that you want. It’s a good idea to compare prices of the same tile with different companies so you know whether you can get a better deal.
  3. Close To You – The location of the tile store is also important. If you run out of tiles you want to make sure you can quickly visit the store. Choose a tile store that’s closest to you so it’s easily accessible when needed.


When it comes to choosing a tile supplier here’s some great tips to get you started. So have you chosen the store that you’re going to be buying from?