4 Ways a Business Can Improve Their Delivery Service

If your company offers the service to deliver products right to your customer’s doorstep, it is essential your delivery service is efficient or this can cause a bad reputation for your whole business and even lose you customers. Working hard to improve your delivery service however, can increase business and bring in new customers. Here are 4 ways a business can improve their delivery service:

  • Outsource

Outsourcing deliveries to a delivery firm is usually the best option, as they are professional and trained specifically in this field so they will always be on time and get the job done. Transport companies in Sussex and across the country understand customer service and meeting the needs of the company.

  • GPS

Using a GPS system will not only help drivers not get lost, but it will also cut fuel costs, optimise routes for efficiency and prevent delays.

  • Communicate

Use texts or email alerts to communicate with the customer about the delivery status and the estimated time of arrival. Clients love to know exactly when their item will arrive so this is a great way to improve the service.

  • Customer Service

Any employees that will be communicating with a customer should be trained in customer service, including the driver and delivery person. Small gestures such as a smile, a greeting and manners are important when dealing with customers, even when it is simply a delivery. Make sure the driver looks clean, neat and is recognisable. The same goes for the vehicle, make sure it is clean and identifiable.

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